New Beginnings

Things are changing in my life. I can feel it; like one feels the dry winter air begin to tingle with life even before the first flower blooms. The changes came slowly, then all at once, then still more. And yet I still cannot really say what it is that is changing, except a general mood, a weather of the soul. I feel like I am waiting for something to happen, something important and marked. Yet I can only catch fleeting glimpses of what it is, and even then, only bits and pieces, as though it is a jigsaw that is falling into place by His hand.

And yes, this too, is one of the many things that seem to be beginning anew in my life – something that I have realised well after the act. So I guess it is apt that somehow this has happened which could have been considered pretty unlikely to have happened; so apt that it is almost surprising that I have done this with my own hand unawares, realising my role in instigating even more change only after the deed.

Well in any case, whatever this is all leading to, my heart is calm and my faith is steady.


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