I began work on my Yale-NUS application for the third try today. Some might find that stubborn, even desperate, but I guess for me it’s more of, why not? I am aware that’s a flippant reason and there is actually more to it than that, but I find it hard to explain even to myself and that’s not what this is about so let’s forget about it.

What this post is really about is this. As I was looking through the essay and quick-takes questions, I naturally began to formulate some sort of basic answers to the questions; knee-jerk responses, really. And I find that most of my responses were dominated by the influence of my faith. This was rather unsettling in the context of the application since I am well aware that this is a liberal school I am applying to, where faith and Christianity is hardly a core belief. In fact, most of the values that are implicit in a liberal education are at odds with my own. And I am not sure if I can find it in myself to produce responses that are less than all of me, as some of them must be if they are to fit in with these liberal values. I don’t even necessarily mean to totally eschew my Christian worldview but even to simply gloss over it a little bit.

I am having second thoughts now.


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