He was loved

So I just sent Alex off last night. It was starkly different from Sarah’s farewell a couple of weeks ago. This one was characterised by a crowd of joy, laughter, and cheer. I guess it’s a mark of who Alex was to all of us, whether we knew him intimately or even if he was just a normal friend, or someone you served with. People liked being around him, and I guess that remained true even till his leaving. (Not that Sarah was any less liked, but they are different people.) Most of all it was characterised by love. It’s not something I can easily explain, but you could tell how much he is loved. Maybe it is the number of people there, or the cards and gifts he received, or more likely it was simply an unquantifiable and unexplainable feel, a warmth that was exuded in farewell to a great man. But whatever it was I knew from this more than anything that he was loved. And more importantly, I have realised that I too loved him, even though few would have thought us close; most in fact would have identified us as just acquaintances who could work and talk with each other when the opportunity presented itself, though I believe we were more than that. Yet even if that were true and he was a mere acquaintance, then he was a treasured acquaintance. Treasured because of the joy he brings, and the genuineness with which he approached God and his relationships and everything else. And for that I have admiration for him. I guess I have huge shoes to fill.

Also the strangest thing happened yesterday. I misplaced my wallet and we spent some 10 minutes searching around and then when we gave up we found it Amanda’s bag. I still think it is terribly mysterious; we have no idea how it got there. Pretty funny though.


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