Bali Day Four

Last day today. Again, it was a pretty slow-paced lazy day, though not in a bad way. I was the last to wake up at about 8ish, and we went for a great breakfast. I suppose I should say that I judge hotels by their breakfasts. Their breakfast more than made up for their gaudy orange theme.

We checked out and took a cab to Kota square to do some final shopping and to have lunch before going for a massage. I opted for a Thai massage (think people walking on your back) since I hate oil massages and it was actually pretty good. We went to the beach because who goes to Bali and not visit the beach? We were totally not dressed for any beach activity though and didn’t have much time besides. So we just took in the view both through eyes and camera, breathed the sea air, and dipped our feet.

We killed time by chilling at a Black Canyon Coffee and then we went to get a T-shirt that Mum had been looking for. More uncomfortable haggling of course. After that it was a cab back to the hotel to pick up our luggage and to change, and then to the airport. I finished Romeo and Juliet just as we landed. A fine trip, I say.


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