Sticking Around

I don’t believe in coincidences, or fate. But I believe that sometimes people who stick around your life, are there for a reason, or you are in theirs for a reason. Now certainly there’s a purpose as to why you know the people you know. But I am not talking about your regular group of friends or family, that is obvious. But there’s always a few people, not many, that stay in the orbit of your life no matter how distant you grow – like two stray threads that find themselves intertwining ever so briefly now and then. The moment you think they are pretty much gone, they appear again with a “Hi, how are you?” or perhaps more accidentally like with a chance meeting or finding out about surprising mutual friends. And it is these people I am talking about. I like to think that we meet them for a reason; that somewhere down the line you will do something for them or them for you. Maybe not something terribly huge – a word of advice, a hug, a touch – but something that would deeply impact them for the better. And I think that if we stop and reflect and let our hearts think for a while, we will realise that we know this to be true deep down; a gut feeling, if you will – that somewhere within the sparse knots of this tenuous yet persistent relationship lies a tiny gift that is waiting to be opened at the right time. I don’t believe in coincidences, or fate. But I do believe in a purposeful God with a perfect plan.


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