Busy Busy Rushy Rushy

So it has been a long and hectic day to end off a long and and hectic week. I guess I can’t really say what we did today since this is a blog and all, but suffice to say that we carried a lot of things and perspired a lot and rushed around a lot and put out a lot of fires and dealt with a lot of people. Feel rather drained physically now. Add to that the emotional pressures of the week and I am terribly glad to say the weekend is here.

Yet even that doesn’t hold much reprieve yet. Another long day awaits me tomorrow, right from book-out in the morning to book-in at night for duty the following day. Haircut filming lunch meeting feast gathering. Sigh. Each is alright in itself, even exciting, but placed together gauntlet-style at the end of this particular week, it is wearying to even think about. Nonetheless, I shall hope for a good rest tonight and take it as it comes.

Is it weird to say I am looking forward to duty on Sunday?


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