I apologise for the laziness. Let me explain, I realise that, Bali posts notwithstanding, I haven’t really posted much besides poetry. And in my view, that in some way is lazy.

I find that sometimes it is a lot easier to express something in poetry rather than prose, especially if that something is felt rather than thought. Prose forces one to structure your thoughts and present them in a flowing, logical manner, but poetry is more raw; sort of sending one’s emotions across rather than thoughts. Words serve to encapsulate a feeling and I feel like I have a lot more free play with poetry. Although writing a poem sounds like a feat, you will find that often emotions prefer poetry as a avenue of expression, and freely translate themselves into such a form. And of course, there is the part where everything is a lot more cryptic and nebulous for everyone else which is how I would like to keep it. It allows me to express my emotions without revealing too much. Much like an indirect speech act that avoids mutual knowledge. (I learnt about this when doing doing TOK research. Never thought it’d come in handy.) And so yes it is lazy, because I excuse myself from the effort of formulating proper sentences and paragraphs, and from explaining myself.

Oh well. I promise more substantial stuff soon.


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