Happy Ending

Just finished The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce. I wouldn’t say I enjoyed it a lot. Some parts were stirring, no doubt. But in general the moving lightheartedness I was expecting was not to be found and I had to push myself to get through certain parts. The writing was for the most part simple, which isn’t a bad thing, but left little to distract me from my disappointed expectations.

However, this is one of the first books I have read this year that has an unambiguously happy ending. In many ways it was a very uplifting and hopeful book. I always preferred books with sad endings; I think they are more realistic and invoke more of an emotional response. However I must admit that this happy ending wasn’t idealistically silly and was actually very touching. More personally, I think the hopeful and inspirational message was something I needed in this time. Maybe I ought to read more happy books.


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