Fantastical Extrapolations

Fantastical extrapolations are always unhealthy. No one needs to see failure in a setback, death in an illness, doom in passing shadows. But don’t they at least hold some truth? It has to be admitted that these spectacular speculations remain a nagging possibility, no matter how deep we lock them away.

It is perhaps a fault to project too much of our emotions in one incidence, one disappointment. Yet is it really incredulous to ask, When is disappointment too much to bear, When do you stop forgiving someone, When do you determine whether you should end it? Now would be an opportune moment to insert the “Well that escalated quickly” meme, and perhaps there is some insanity in such a train of thought, but aren’t such questions legit and even reflective of the long-term perspective we are so often encouraged to adopt? It is perhaps not so crazy then to perceive the long-term ramifications of events, and the sustainability of certain unspoken yet inviolable rules of our relationships – in this example, the interminability of “absorbing the blow” so to speak.

Not that I actually think it is interminable, or nearly as ominous as we might be tempted to think in times of confusion and unclear motivations. But it serves as a good example. And yet of course there are no true answers to these questions. Maybe it is interminable. But I suppose therein lies a wonder of the human spirit, of love and of hope; that we can press on under the shadow of such disturbing questions, whether or not we are conscious of them, surely reveals the resolve of that spirit, the strength of that love and the brightness of that hope, all of which we have of course inherited from God.


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