So we fasted today. It was a very enlightening and interesting experience.

For one it definitely tested me and forced me to rely on God. Physically, I was totally not prepared for a fast, having a protein, fat, sugar, and salt – heavy dinner at Seould Garden with no carbs at 5pm last night. I got hungry at 10 but did not wish to eat too much (as advised before a fast) so I ate a bit of bread then and the next morning at 6 before my fast began. To give a perspective on how trying this fast was, I began to be hungry at 730. We were going to fast until 1830 so that was 11 more hours. Nonetheless, by praying with each hunger pang and by the grace and strength of God I pulled through. Praise be to Him.

Secondly I feel like my Spirit became more alive while my body faded away. It was almost as if the body, having lost its prime mechanism with which to control our lives (i.e. our need for food), shrunk away and became subject to the mind and to the Spirit. The intimacy experienced during my quiet time in the morning and worship in the evening at PnP is a testament to that. Moreover, I felt a great sense of peace and calm – a lack of a rush, if you a will. Perhaps being stripped of such an important marker of time as meals gives greater fluidity and arbitrariness to time, and greater freedom to go about our activities calmly.

I also felt very cleansed. Of course fasting has physical cleansing effects, but this extended to my spiritual health as well. In a way, I felt renewed. It was as if I was going back to what was most important, which is God, and that nothing else matters. Which is I suppose, the purpose of fasting. 

All in all, I would definitely do this again.


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