Phuket Day Two

The second day started slowly and gradually, as if we were easing into our stay here. Yet strangely we were all down pretty early for breakfast at a nearby place. The Western breakfast was a good start to our first proper day here.

Thereafter we took a leisure walk to the beach, which wasn’t very near. We allowed ourselves to be distracted from our journey by the roadside shops and attractions, and so our food was fully digested by the time we reach the sandy shores. We were still pretty early as far as tourists were concerned, so the beach was pretty empty and still cool. Deck chairs spanned the length of the shore, and a strong breeze billowed around us. After much haggling and deliberation, we finally accepted a deal of one session of parasailing and jetski each for me and my sister respectively for a total of 2500 baht, with 2 deck chairs thrown in.

Parasailing is easily one of the most fun things I have ever experienced. Perhaps second in exhilaration only to rappelling. They ask you to run at the start just as the rope is beginning to run out (thus soon becoming taut), but really you can only manage a few steps before you are lifted into the air, rising sharply and quickly some 3 or 4 stories up. It is the closest I have ever come and possibly ever will come to flying. I would recommend this to anyone. The entire thing was pretty fast though.

We chilled at the beach a while more before leaving to go for a massage. Not much to say about this. It was lunch after that and some shopping before heading back to the hotel for a rest. One noteworthy thing was that we were actually chased away by a saleslady at one store, which was incredibly curious and slightly offensive. Oh well.

Now we will be leaving in a little bit to get dinner and some short shopping before going to see Muay Thai boxing matches at half past eight. More on that tomorrow!


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