Phuket Day Three

The day started early since we had to be ready to board the transport at 0745. By the time we reached our first island it was about 1030.

Our first stop was disappointing. The scenery was undoubtedly idyllic, but it was totally marred by the sheer number of tourists there. It was also pretty dull since it was just a beach and we couldn’t even swim. For us it was just a toilet stop, really.

From there it was a couple of phototaking stops which weren’t really exciting, and then lunch which was dismal. As you can see the morning was pretty much a drag. It gets worse for a while yet.

After lunch we went out a little bit to a spot to swim/snorkel. The tide was pretty low so we could literally see the corals right below us. However because of that they also warned us about sea urchins, which were just chilling beside the corals and all. So anyway all of us went into the water and began swimming in pairs, my dad with my sister and my mum with me. My mum was squeezing my hand like crazy because she was afraid of being washed away or something. The sight was wonderful, with the fishes swimming right before you and all around. After a while we swam to a high piece of coral to stand and take a break. Unfortunately that is a less stable position then it sounds since the waves weren’t light. My mother refused to let go of my hand, which only made it worse since it is much harder for two people to balance together. In my struggle to get both of us firmly on the coral, my foot was pricked by an oblivious urchin hiding beside it. Tough luck.

Luckily, the pain soon subsided and I was assured by the crew that it will go away in three days. The real highlight of the day came after that, at our last island. Unfazed by my little accident, I joined my dad and my sis to swim out with our bread to feed the fishes as we snorkel. It was really amazing, watching the schools of fish swarming before you or around your hand, picking at the bread until it vanishes. Pretty fun stuff. We then relaxed at the beach until it was time to go, and made the journey back.

Another interesting thing during the day was the people who were with us in our boat. Such a diverse group! It was intriguing to watch them.

Oh well, it is homebound Singapore tomorrow! I hope to get some writing done tonight, I haven’t done any this trip ):


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