It saddens me to realise that the last post was some 3 weeks ago. I guess it is only natural that of all my avenues of writing this would be the first to go once I get busy – after all writing for self comes before writing for others.

Anyway, I have recently decided to observe my surroundings more intentionally, as an aid to my writing. I have resolved to try to put anything worthy of note into words, and to write these words down if they seem useful. Here was my first observation today:

“The baby screamed, his face turning into a horrible grimace of protest against the world, against this metal carriage which held him and everyone inside. The cry echoed loudly in the close confines, drowning out even the loud hum of the moving train. I looked at him, saw his wet pink gums through his open orifice. It was unsettling, looking at a mouth with almost no teeth. Then suddenly it closed, and he fell silent. His face faded back into a emotionless blank, as if wearied by the exertion of his outburst. He blinked, and raised his small infant hands to wipe his eyes. It was a gesture that seemed too adult for such a small babe.”


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