Faces and Names

I forget the many faces and names

In this new sudden community

Of learning.

In Asia.

For the World.


A buzz of excitement –

New and strange faces,

Colours, clothes, accents, hairs.

“Hi have we met?”

In lifts, halls, corridors, chairs.


So many, so many

Friends to make, stories to hear,

Laughs to fake, conversations to steer.

Any enjoyment was soon marred:

“Go, go, don’t lose out.”

“Come, come, don’t miss out.”


No time for silence,

No allowance for solitude.

Hide your insecurities

Behind vacuous smiles

And over-compensate

With over enthusiasm.


But I will stop –

And introduce me to myself again

(“Hi have we met?”)

Lest I forget as well

My own face and my own name.


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