Sometimes I feel that in order to live our lives we – consciously or subconsciously – block out certain facts of the world we are in. It is the only way we can keep one foot in front of the next. The only way we can be happy and at peace. Deep down I think we know that ignorance is indeed bliss, and so we construct that ignorance.

Simply by virtue of writing this of course, does not mean I am innocent of this. Yet at times the veil is pierced for me. Sometimes – when I am calm and not anxious to get somewhere, when I am taking my time to walk and not checking my phone – it hits me. I happen to see someone; a person I have never met before, a stranger. But then I really take the time to look at him. I look at his posture – shoulders slightly slumped. I look at his hands – wrinkled and tired. Then I look at his eyes – darkened and lowered. And I think to myself, what could have this person experienced? What woe, what struggles? My imagination fires and fills in the gaps. A whole story is formed – filled with tears, pain, betrayal, heartbreak, loss. I feel the urge to reach out and place my hand on his shoulder.

Of course, I don’t. It’s none of my business. I have my own burdens to bear. And after all, I could be wrong.

But I know that I am not. I know I am not. So I look away.


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